Trombone Maintinence

Trombone Maintenance

Cleaning your trombone is an important part of having a performance reading instrument. I don’t recommend a full cleaning often, and I usually just have the shop do this for me once a year. However, sometimes we need to do a full slide cleaning. The video below provides simple information about how to do this efficiently and effectively.

Trombone Slide Cleaning

Most of the time, simple oiling of the valve, lubricating the tunic slides, and a quick slide cleaning with the cleaning rod is all you need. I do this weekly or more, depending on the weather, dust, pollen, etc. If you want to jump to the slide cleaning section of this video, jump to 5:27.

Oiling the valve section and cleaning the slide with the cleaning rod.

Many resources are available for cleaning your instrument and maintaining it. Some players like this part of owning an instrument. My preference is to perform and practice, leaving anything more than the basic upkeep to the professionals.

Recommended trombone repair shops

M&W Custom Trombones
W225N16700 Cedar Park Ct, Jackson, WI 53037

Grady Instrument Service
5605 Ansborough Ave., Waterloo, IA 50701

Russell Winds
6768 Frontier Rd., Winneconne, WI