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This manual was initially developed as a senior paper in my undergraduate studies. With the help of my trombone and euphonium professor, Michael Smith, DMA, I slowly developed my own teaching style for advanced and beginning students. Educational pedagogy and methods are an important part of the education degree and sometimes overlooked by applied instructors. This information is important not only for future elementary school band directors, but also for teachers of all levels.

There are textbooks available that do a decent job in demonstrating basic instrument fundamentals, but they do not dive into the numerous physical issues that always keep students from achieving their goals on the instrument. Students do not want to be average; they want to be great. In order to inspire your students, teachers must help them on the way to greatness.

My hope is that this manual, along with the ideas from Dr. Smith, will instill the idea that there are many ways of accomplishing greatness. If students can’t do what you want them to do, try something different, even something not in this book. It might just work! Good luck!

Trombone Examples

Page 21, Mouthpiece Buzzing

Buzzing Example from Page 21

Page 40, Articulation


Page 41, Lip Slurs

Simple Descending
Simple Ascending
Combination Slur
Basic Exercises
Simple Melodies #1
Simple Melodies #2


Euphonium Etudes

Etude 9
Etude 10
Etude 11

Longer Exercises for Euphonium or Trombone

Rule, Britannia!

Basic Trombone or Euphonium Duets

Page 82, basic duets for trombone and/or euphonium.

Duet 1
Duet 2
Duet 3
Duet 4

Tuba Playing Examples

Tuba recordings by Professor Allen Carpenter, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Special thanks to Dr. Michael Smith for etude and performance examples.

Tuba Etude 1
Tuba Etude 2

Tuba Etude 3
Tuba Etude 4
Tuba Etude 5
Tuba Etude 6
Tuba Etude 7
Tuba Etude 8
Tuba Etude 9
There was a Jolly Miller
The British Grenadiers
Blue Bells of Scotland
Bushes and Briars

Basic information about the tuba from UL Professor Allen Carpenter.

Rotary and Piston Valves on the tuba
Tuba introductory information