Acting the Part

Why should I Act professional in my high school and collegiate ensembles?  I’m just a student…

Remember, these ensembles are directed by professors who will write you letters of recommendation and follow your career!  Follow a few simple steps to be professional:

1) Prepare music before the first rehearsal.  

Sight reading rehearsals are no fun for anyone.  Play along with a recording. Learn the hard licks. Know your part, so you can contribute to the ensemble now!

2) Arrive early.

Get to Rehearsal with plenty of time to warm up calmly, softly and professionally.  Time before rehearsal is not time to catch up on emails, talk loudly or play as loud as you can.  Brass players should use a practice mute or simply buzz. See how quietly you can play!

3) Treat others with respect.

Ensemble directors are there to help you, not hurt you.  Provide eye contact. when asked questions, respond pleasantly.  Ask non essential questions after rehearsal. Keep section talking to a minimum. 

After concerts it’s a good idea to congratulate others in the section and orchestra.  Be sure to shake hands with section leaders and soloists. It’s also a great idea to make contact with the conductor after a concert, congratulating them on a well done concert.  This will help to build a feeling of unity through the ensemble!

Remember, this is a threat chance to make contacts you will use the rest of your career.