Studies in Legato
Giuseppe Concone
Educational Recordings and References

Studies in Legato can be used as a supplement to Bordogni legato studies vocalises. Arranged for tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, and tuba; these studies can be used through the low brass studio. The exercises are also useful for extending the low and middle range of all low brass instruments. I find these studies most useful for students who are ready to work on musical phrasing, legato style, and natural slurs, but not advanced enough for the more technical and higher range Bordogni vocalises. Concone is still used by many voice teachers, although not as prolifically as Bordogni and more recent publications.

Concone, (1801-1861), lived at the same time as other famous voice teachers, including Bordogni and Panofka. He was known as a strong teacher, with many students in Paris. Trombonists have used vocalises in general since the later half of the 1800's for work on legato articulations and phrasing. Paul Delisse is commonly recognized as the first trombone teacher in the Paris Conservatory to use vocal music transcriptions to teach trombone students. He also transcribed the Arban method for the trombone. Finally, by the early 1900's, trombone teachers accepted the use of vocal music transcriptions in modern trombone pedagogy.

I will be adding more etude recordings throughout the semester, so check back if your etude is not posted yet.

For more information about the history of trombone and vocalise studies, including Concone, please refer to Randall Mitchell's dissertation The Use of Selected Vocalises of Marco Bordogni in the Development of Musicianship for the Trombonist, a Lecture Recital, Together with Three Solo Recitals.

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