Benjamin Yates, DMA
University of Louisiana, Lafayette
School of Music
Trombone and Low Brass Studio

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Tour to San Francisco

Headed to San Francisco to perform with Dr. Brad Schultz AGAIN! February 12, 2024 we will premier Spiritus by Brenda Portman and perform a recital of works for organ and trombones at St. Steven's Episcopal Church, Belvedere!

Check out the recital and recording session videos on YouTube:



Oxford University Press Publication

Excited to announce the publication of Teaching Instrumental Music. Dr. Yates was a contributor to a chapter about teaching brass students. Check out the book:

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Release of Prairiescapes for Trombone and Piano

From the composer: Prairiescapes explores three distinct Iowa landscapes: the lush, bountiful tallgrass prairie which once covered 80% of the state; the Loess Hills along Iowa’s western border, formed over thousands of years by wind-blown soil; and the Driftless Region in Northeast Iowa, with its steep hills, forested ridges, deeply carved river valleys, and spring-fed waterfalls.

Katherine Bergman, Composer
Benjamin Yates, Trombone
Cheryl Taylor Lemmons, Piano
George Niksch of Lakeshore Video, video filming and editing @lakeshorevideo
Check out Katherine Bergman:
A big thank you to the many individuals and organizations the helped with this project: University of Louisiana at Lafayette, School of Music | College of the Arts | Heymann/BORSF Professorship in the School of Music II Oneota Valley Community Orchestra, Matt Cody Music Director Iowa Arts Council
Jack and Carole Yates

Yates Teaching at Luther College Fall 2023

Benjamin Yates is teaching at Luther College in the fall 2023 semester as part of a sabbatical project hosted by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Yates will be conducting research to better the Low Brass Methods course taught to education students and continuing research on his dissertation project 100 Years of Band Tradition at Luther College. Yates will be back to UL Lafayette for the spring 24 semester.

Get video updates on performances and teaching through the YouTube home page!

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SOLA TubaChristmas and YuleSlide

1:45-2:00 Registration ($10 registration fee)
2:00-3:00 Rehearsal
2:45-3:00 Registration ($10 registration fee)
3:00-4:00 Rehearsal
6:00pm- Performance
Acadian Village 


Summer 2023: Lutheran Summer Music June 25- July 23, 2023, Low Brass. Lutheran Summer Music (LSM) is the nation’s premier faith-based music academy for high school students. In addition to advanced musical instruction and numerous performance opportunities, LSM students form an intentional community, living together for four weeks, hosted by Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana. Apply Now!

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January 24-30, 2023: Asociación de Trombonists Dominicanos (Trombodomi) Festival. Details soon. Watch for recitals with Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Tony Guzman. Watch for information about instrument donations to local community ensembles!

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October 1-5, 2023: Fall Tour: University of Oklahoma, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and Central Oklahoma State University. Works by Bozza, Bergman, Wharton, and Still.

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Hispanic Heritage Musical Celebration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Music: Wednesday, October 12, Performing with Jazz Combo I.

Juan Pablo Torres Rumba de Cajon

Summer 2022: Dr. Eric High and Benjamin Yates perform Brook Joyce Duets for Contrabass Trombone and Tenor Trombone at the International Trombone Festival, Conway, AR.

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Summer 2022: Dr. Yates is excited to announce he will be joining the excellent faculty and students at Lutheran Summer Music this year!

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March 4-5: Guest Artist at the Luther College Brass Symposium. Performing works by Brooke Joyce with Dr. Eric High, St. Norbert College, contrabass trombone.
Friday, March 4, 6:15 pm
Composition Seminar, Choir Room, Jensen Noble Hall of Music
Dr. Benjamin Yates
Dr. Eric High
Saturday, March 5, 2022. 4:00pm
Symposium Finale Concert, Center for Faith and Life
Feature performances by:
The Norse Brass Quintet
Solo performances from members of the IBQ and NBQ
Dr. Eric High and Dr. Benjamin Yates, performing a composition by Dr. Brooke Joyce

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October 9, 2021: Guest Artist Recital at Luther College, Decorah, IA. Joined by Dr. Jessica Paul, piano and Dr. Michael Smith, tenor and bass trombones. Luther College Calendar Event.

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CONCERTO COMMISSION PROJECT: February 27, 2022. 3:00pm. Location TBA- Trombone Concerto composed by Katherine Bergman premier with the Oneota Valley Community Orchestra, Matthew Cody, music director.

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January 26-29: Asociación de Trombonists Dominicanos (Trombodomi) Festival. Details soon. Watch for recitals with Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Tony Guzman. Watch for information about instrument donations to local community ensembles!
More information:
Daily Advent

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Artist Highlight with M&W Custom Trombones: check out an interview with Benjamin Yates covering topics from trombone to teaching to cooking and food!
Find the Interview Here

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My goal as a teacher is for students to reach their maximum growth as a performer and teacher. All students are different and I want each student to find their personal sound and musical personality. Music performance and education are my way of life. Without music, my experience is incomplete. I enjoy sharing this commitment with fellow performers, audiences and students.


Summer Trombone Lessons 2022

How lessons work: Lessons will be in person at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Please email for lesson specifics.

Summer 2023 Lesson registration will be released in February 2023.