Fall Recital 2019

University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Music Faculty Artist Recital

When planning and programing my faculty artist recital at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I discovered a special opportunity to execute a recital which engaged audience members at a very high level. After positive feedback from audience members, I wanted to share this format. The following video highlights the planning and production of this unique experience.

When first thinking about a faculty recital, it is often easy to think about the amazing pieces of trombone music we enjoy performing and creating a recital based on our taste and experience in music. However, I’ve found that entertaining a wide audience really needs to be the goal of a recital like the following video. When considering the location for this recital, I choose an intimate, classroom space. This allowed me to perform and speak with the audience easily between pieces. Keeping myself on stage the entire time and having performers enter and leave the stage from the audience was another way of making an intimate setting.

While I am aware of a few similar projects like this, I’m unaware of other projects that are quite this specific to the University of Louisiana and this audience. I hope this video and audio commentary explains some of the limitations and positive outcomes of the project.