Low Range Buzzing

Buzzing in the Pedal Range


Buzzing in the pedal range on trombone can be useful for some students. A few things to keep in mind:

  1. if you are not buzzing the way you play, consider trying to change the way you buzz to make if feel more like the way you typically play OR consider not buzzing much in that range.
  2. buzzing in extreme low registers takes some minor changes to the aperture in the lips and the front teeth. I go into these changes, but remember that most players will make these changes without knowing about them.
  3. buzzing the pedal range and playing in the pedal range do not always coincide. It is ok, you may not be able to buzz this low for quite a while. However, keep trying the building your low buzzing into the low register.

I go into several details about embouchure and how to find what you normally due when playing in this video. There is more information about this and related topics found both in this blog and on my Tools page. For the most part, I really think it is best to work with the teacher on these details.