Benjamin Yates has a variety of research interests in trombone pedagogy, safety, recruiting and admissions, and more. More information on trombone pedagogy research and presentations can be found in the Tools for Trombone tab. More information about Trombone Methods research can be found in the Eduation or UL Low Brass Methods tabs. Below, please find samples of published articles, chapters, and web sites.

How to be Safe: Aerosol Studies and Trombone Performance. International Trombone Association Journal.

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Mention: Science News, A Safe Symphony of Sound.

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Upcoming Projects:

With Katie Seidel and the International Trombone Association Journal:

Recruiting International Student Trombonists: Aiding the Successful Completion of the Application and Audition Process for U.S. Undergraduate Institutions

With Oxford University Press:

Chapter: Powell, B., Pellegrino, K., & Hilliard, Q. (Forthcoming, 2022). Teaching instrumental music: Concert hall to rock stage. Oxford University Press.

Teaching Brass Instruments (Context, Pedagogues, Preparing to Teach Beginners, Teaching Beginners.